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Badminton / Bocce Ball / Horseshoes - Standard badminton, bocce ball or horseshoe set-ups ready for tournament or just for fun (subject to park restrictions).

Baseball Pitch - If baseball is your sport, try to strike out the computer with our strike zone game. Includes radar gun, electronics scoreboard, and a referee. Electricity required. Includes generator rental & delivery.

Bungee Run - The game that keeps you running. This giant inflatable competition plays races against racer to see who can run the farthest before they're bungeed back to the start. Includes generator rental & delivery.

Cartoonist - Everyone loves a cartoon of himself or herself doing fun and exciting activities. Our professional cartoonist will create 15-20 souvenirs per hour.

Dancers - Entertain with a Polynesian or Caribbean dance show. Fire acts also available. Rate: Call for quote and availability.

Giant Inflated Slide - Come climb up huge inflated toy that sends guests sliding down from a platform over 15 feet in the air. Includes staff, generator & delivery.

Golf Tournament - All the fun and challenge of an 18-hole golf tournament in a compact putting area that goes anywhere. Includes two putting greens, scorecards, tournament supplies, staff and prizes for 3 hours. Rate: $350.00 for up to 200 participants. Require flat surface. Inflated

Obstacle Course - This challenge sends two players (kids or adults) in a side-by-side competition climbing walls, racing through tunnels, battling air-filled obstacles, and more. Rate: $895.00 for 4 hours. Includes staff, generator & delivery.

Joust Challenge - This gladiator style challenge puts two of your warriors atop round pedestals a few feet apart. Each player is equipped with a helmet & padded jousting baton and is sent to knock their opponent off his pedestal (down to the inflated safety pad). All matches supervised by referee. Rate: $495.00 for 2 hours. Includes staff, generator & delivery.

Live Bands / Disc Jockey - Choose a traditional Disc Jockey or enjoy live music played by a Steel Drum, Calypso, Conga Drum, Jazz, Dixieland, World Band or Mariachi Band. Rate: DJ's from $395.00 for 4 hours. 2 piece bands starting from $595.00. Generator rental is $75.00.

Poker Darts Game - Gambling fun without the cash. Try your hand at a round of poker, by throwing 5 darts and hitting the appropriate cards. You can throw a pair of 2's or get a Royal Flush. It is all based on skill and a little help from Lady Luck.

Ocean Kayaking - Explore Mission Bay's waterfront at your leisure choose from either single or tandem models. Rate: Single $40.00 4 / hours, Tandem $55.00 4 / hours. $25.00 delivery charge.

Psychics - Tarot, Palm and/or Runes readers. These authentic seers will entertain guests and keep them coming back for more. Rate: Your choice, $150.00 per hour. Minimum 2 hours.

Rocky Boxing - It's the fun boxing rage where you control the mechanical boxers actions and they take the beating. Used in full tournaments or just for fun. A referee supervises all matches. Rate: $395.00 for 2 hours. Please include a $25.00 delivery charge.

Softball - This All-American sport includes complete filled layout: bases, home plate, catchers' gear, bats, balls and spare fielding gloves. (Subject to park restrictions.) Rate: $65.00 rental for all day.

Soccer Challenge - Our inflated soccer sports-pen offers a fun and unique way for your guest to practice their soccer skills. Kick for goals at one of several targets in the enclosed pen. Rate: $495.00 for 3 hours. A generator rental is $75.00. Plus Delivery.

Street Performers - Jugglers, streetwalkers and/or balloon hat makers. These party favorites (that can be themes to your event) will entertain while strolling around the picnic area. Rate: Your choice from $150.00 per hour.

Sumo Wrestling - True test of a warrior. Guests put on foam filled Sumo outfits and wrestle. Used for full tournament or just for fun. Includes all supplies and a referee. Rate: $395.00 for 2 hours. Please include a $25.00 delivery charge.

Teambuilding Pentathlon - This competitive exercise racecourse is destined to promote "team building." There will be 2 complete courses running at the same time, side by side. We provide the referees for the races and gold/silver/bronze medals for the winners. Course Includes: 1. Archer 2. Equestrian Race 3. Cycling 4. Triple Jump 5. Hurdles

Velcro Wall - Imagine putting on a Velcro suit and running full speed, then jumping onto a trampoline where you land upside down stuck to a Velcro Wall! Our spotter and plenty of padding will keep you enjoying this heart pounding experience. Rate: $495.00 for 2 hours. Includes generator rental & delivery.

Wacky Witch Doctor - Great for tropical themes. This energetic native will be present to greet guests on arrival with a host of magic spells, comics juggling and balloon sculptured headdresses to get guests in the tropical spirit. Also ask about fire eating! Rate: $195.00 Per Hour (Minimum two hours) Includes all supplies. Plus mileage.


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Available for Children


Airbrush Face Painting - You will be amazed at how fast our staff can apply these fun temporary designs. Including eight different colors and tons of precut stencils in kid's favorite characters. We can accommodate up to 50 kids per hour!!! Rate: $75.00 per hour, 2-hour minimum. Plus $25.00 mileage

Animal Show - A 45-minute show, designed to explore animals, their homes and habitats, will be customized to your theme. Our trainer will bring five animals to entertain and educate. Rate: $250.00 per show. $175.00 for an additional hour of hands on. Please include a $25.00 mileage charge.

Carnival Games - Fun and challenging carnival games and booths will add fun to any event. Choose from a variety of games great for all ages. Each game includes a booth, attendant and $50 token prize package. Larger packages available. Rate: $275.00 per game booth with attendant. Discounts apply for multiple booths.

Clowns - Always a fun treat. Our funny-faced clowns entertain kids for hours with face painting and balloon animals for all. All supplies are included. Accommodates 15-20 kids per hour. Rate: $120.00 for two hours. $55.00 each additional hour. Plus mileage.

Craft Corner - An entire area of kiddy activities that are customized to theme. May include: colorful fruit loop necklace making, puppet crafts, coloring, giant bubble making, kite crafts and more. Supervision by trained staff is included. Rate: $245.00 per day for up to 50 children. Each additional child is $1.50.

Craft Corner - Upgrade your craft corner with a fun NEW activity. Choose from the following:

• Rate: Sandy Candy- a colorful " Tart Art" that kids can create & eat. Add $2.00/kid (min 50)

• Spin-Art- where kids drip paint on spinning cards to create art. Add $195.00 (flat rate)

• Crazy Caps - Kids will get a white baseball hat to decorate & keep. Add $4.95/kid (min 100)

• Bag Hats - Kids form and decorate their own paper bag hat. Add $3.95/kid (min. 50)

Elephant Rides - Can you believe it! A gentle giant that is trained to give rides. A spectacular treat that kids will remember for years. Ask about photo options. Rate: Call for quote.

Fun Zone - A complete adventure of fun for kids. Includes crawl tunnels, slide, tricycles, teeter-totter, happily hops, hula-hoops, mini basketball and more! Rate: $350.00 with all day attendants. Inflatable

Jump Rides - We feature 15' x 15 jump rides. A lot of fun for kids of all ages! Includes an attendant for continual supervision. Holds 6-10 kids at a time. Rate: $295.00 per day with attendant. Generator/gas power blower rental at $75.00 per day.

Jungle Scavenger Hunt - Our action here will arrive with news of hidden finds within the picnic area. Kids will participate in the expedition for hidden goods and be rewarded with prizes.

Kids All In Fun - Ideal for small groups, activities for kids include: mini magic show, face painting, parachute games, bubble pool, non-competitive games and more, all coordinated by our staff. Rate: $195.00 for 25 kids. $295.00 for 26 - 40 kids. Plus $25.00 Mileage (Prizes available)

Kids Science Outpost - Kids will get the opportunity to create their own slippery slime, and silly putty out of raw components. Kids participating in this activity will receive instruction and assistance from our Mad Scientist himself. Rate: $295.00 for 2 hours for up to 100 children. Add super ball making for $1.00 per child.

Llama Rides - Two gentle South American backpacking Llamas that are trained to give rides. Rate: Call for Quote. Magician - Meet our slight of hand strolling magician. This professional will perform 4 mini shows per hour using audience participation & comedy. Can be dressed to meet your theme. Rate: Starts at $175.00 per hour. Subject to availability. Plus mileage.

Petting Corrals - Kids can get up close and personal to a host of barnyard critters. In this unique corral approach, the animals stay behind the small fences and the kids can reach over and pet them. (This proves safest for the animals and more sanitary for the kids.) Animals may include: ducks, chickens, tortoises, pigs, baby goats and more always with trained supervision. Rate: Call for Quote (Not available in All Parks)

Piñatas - Medium sized piñatas filled with candy. A traditional favorite. Our attendants will hang and coordinate the breaking of the piñata. Rate: $40.00 each includes prizes for up to 75-participants/Plus $25.00 mileage.

Pirate Treasure Hunt - Captain Blye will arrive with news of hidden finds within the picnic area. Kids will participate in the expedition for hidden treasure and be rewarded with bounty. Rate: $250.00 Included prizes for up to 75-participants/Plus $25.00 mileage

Pony Rides - Ride the pony express. These critters are trained to be gentle. Includes handlers to assist and clean up that mess! 4 or 6 pony wheels also available.

Wobbler - An innovative, interactive toy for all ages. An inflatable seesaw in which two contestants on each side can see, who can rock the hardest? The one who pops their opponents "jack in the box" wins. Rate: $495.00 for 2 hours with attendant, generator & delivery.

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